Peterborough man threatened with fine over bad t-shirt

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August is traditionally silly season for news, and this is by far the silliest story I’ve seen. Peterborough street wardens told David Pratt as he sat at a bus stop with his wife that his t-shirt could cause offence or incite violence. The offending item bore the slogan: "Don’t piss me off! I am running out of places to hide the bodies."  "I really don’t see how the wording on my T-shirt could incite violence – it’s humour, that’s all it is," said Mr Pratt who is seeking an apology. Peterborough City Council said: "The
incident is the subject of an official complaint to the council and is
currently under investigation."
The t-shirt reminds me of something you’d find in Magz from Saxondale’s "Smash the System" anarchic t-shirt shop. I actually find the typeface more offensive than the wording but that’s me.

[via BBC News]

By Isabelle | August 13th, 2007