Top five checked shirts

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Every man needs at least one checked shirt in his wardrobe. A decent check can flatter the figure, looks great when layered with a t-shirt or two and automatically brightens up a dull outfit.
Having said that, you do need to choose checked clothes carefully. Checked shirts look totally different when hanging on the rail, so make sure you try one on before purchasing. Invariably you can end up resembling a tablecloth or a lumberjack, neither of which are a good look.

To help you with your search for the perfect check, I’ve picked out five shirts for your perusal, located after the jump. Hopefully, with my advice, you can avoid looking like an Alaskan logger.

Topman shirt (£25) – Big, bold, simple checks, this would look great unbuttoned with a grey or white tee underneath.

Allsaints chequers tee (£40) – Not strictly a shirt, I still had to feature this tee simply because I love the faded, chequer-board pattern which is quite unusual.

Paul Smith shirt (£95) – I don’t mind splashing a few extra quid out if I know that I’m going to be wearing a classic shirt that’s well made and a good fit. Which, you know, is exactly what you’ll be getting with this Paul Smith shirt.

Lee shirt (£40) – Western style checks like this Lee shirt look fantastic with a crisp white tee underneath. Wear with a pair of washed-out jeans, but leave the cowboy hat at home.

Levi’s shirt (£21.25) – I love the arrangement of the checks according to the different parts of the shirt which gives it a unique look. Also an absolute bargain being reduced from £42.