Beach boys and their wooden toys

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Despite being made from wood, these beautiful, pre-1950s estate cars were far from green – "environmental issue" just wasn’t part of the vocabulary back then. However, this didn’t stop the cars being snapped up by those who would become proponents of the early green movement – the surfing community.

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Made during an age where mass production was booming and energy
conservation was never a consideration for car companies, the
wooden-paneled automobiles nevertheless fell out of favour after the
Second World War. Young surfers, who unwittingly became early
eco-warriors, fervently protecting their beaches and surf spots from
pollution, purchased the second hand models, partly because they were
great for carrying their boards, but mainly because they were cheap.

Although restoration and cleaner fuel make the cars only marginally
less polluting today, these wooden-SUVs still symbolise the "natural"
relationship that exists today between certain surfers and the
shoreline ecology. As Craig Johnson, president of the National Woodie Club puts it ,
"These cars are organic. We’re organic,". Yeah, man. You said it.