The Heineken DraughtKeg – chilled draught beer anytime, anywhere

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Fans of 1985 classic Teenwolf may remember a youthful Michael J. Fox leaning towards a 7-11 employee who is doubtful of the young man’s age and growling, "Give me a keg of beer." Since seeing that film I personally have always wanted to be at a party with a keg. A kegger. Keggers are conspicuous by their absence in the UK, where several bottles of white cider and a case of warm lager is as glamorous as it tends to get.

So when the lovely folk at Heineken got in touch and offered me one of their new DraughtKegs to try out, it didn’t take me too long to respond with "how quickly can it get here?"

The DraughtKeg is a stand-alone draught beer system that allows you to experience premium quality draught beer anytime, anywhere. At 5 litres it’s big enough to provide plenty of beery goodness while remaining small enough to fit into a standard domestic fridge. Um, my non-standard rented-accommodation fridge sadly wasn’t quite large enough to accommodate it, however. So if you have to make do with one of those it might be worth clearing your sink and getting some ice in.


Once the DraughtKeg was chilled and ready to use, though, my mates and I were seriously impressed with

how convenient it is to use. The tap part attaches nice and easily, and, after one glass of foam (which you’d expect from any draught keg), the Heineken was flowing like wine (or beer). Crisp, cool draught Heineken in your own home. Perfect. Plus, once opened, the beer stays fresh for up to thirty days – so no need to go bolting it all at once.

It weighs a fair bit, so you’d need to bear that in mind if you were carrying it anywhere, but the Heineken DraughtKeg would make a great addition to any house party / barbecue, or indeed festival gathering – though I suspect you’d have to fight off folk suddenly fed up with their cans of warm fizzy lager.

You’ll be able to get the Heinken DraughtKeg from Sainsbury’s for £13.29 RRP.

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