Yay or Nay… Topman leopard print shorts

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The designers at Topman obviously don’t read this blog (which might be a good thing actually). After displaying my absolute disgust at their animal print tighty-whity trousers, they go and release another fashion montrosity in the form of these shorts (£20).

But that’s my view only. It would appear that I was a little too hasty in my initial assessment of the trousers. In the eyes of my colleagues anyway. While I was steadfast in my opinion that no one in their right mind would embarass their lower body with a pair of trousers so ridiculous, a fairly large contingent of workmates said "they weren’t too bad". Hmmm, I still think they were being contrary for the sake of it, but I have, on the occasion, known to be wrong.

So you, noble reader, what do you think of these shorts? Your opinion (obviously) carries a lot more weight than one from a bunch of hacks.