Guerilla Pimp Well Made clothing

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GPWM are the new kids on the block, having only just launched their cheeky brand of clothing for both boys and girls. Word obviously travels quickly these days, however, as a number of celebs have already been seen sporting their logos and designs, despite the brand still being in their infancy.

There are some great tees and hoodies on the site, including the Rock Scissors tee (£20) and this sweet Faisal hooded top, which is great value at £40. My favourite though is the A Is For Ox shirt (£20, pictured), which seems contrary at first, but in fact has a logical explanation, found on their website, which you can use to smite all those who dare question the tee.

And, as a bonus, all clothing is sweat-shop free, so you don’t have to feel guilty about five year olds losing fingers and going blind in dodgy working conditions. Huzzah!