Maharishi a/w collection

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Maharishi’s autumn/winter collection is finally here and it looks great. With a military look typical of Maharishi, they’ve also introduced skull and skeleton motifs to this season’s clothing, including this Mimic Skeleton embroidered shirt, which has a hand-stitched silver skeletel system throughout the design. I’m not sure if this justifies the £500 price tag though. If you are likely to shell out that much for a shirt, why not go the whole hog and team it up with the matching trousers at only £415.

More affordable is this sailor-style double breasted pea-coat (£320, pictured) which is perfect for the coming winter months. I love the embroidered "MAHA" insignia on the breast, which sets the jacket off brilliantly. I’d feel I had to salute and shout "Aye, aye cap’n" at anyone I saw wearing this. Continuing the nautical theme, Maharishi have also introduced this awesome Ships In The Night tee (£65) and the Navy Tour (£325) jacket featuring a giant, embroidered eagle and anchor motif.