Reef Fanning Bamboo Sandals

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Men’s feet are horrible things. I should know. I have a pair. Weird and knobbly from frequent sports participation, smelly. Gnarled nails, hard skin. That’s why I generally try to keep mine underwraps and hidden inside a decent pair of trainers.

But then summer comes along (occasionally) and the plates of meat have to make an appearance, unless you want them sweltering inside the aforementioned trainers. It’s all about compromise really. Short of a pedicure, you need to make your trotters look presentable, and these Reef flip-flops (£30) should do the trick. With a smart looking bamboo and leather upper, they shouldn’t bring too much attention to your feet, but if someone does, hopefully they’ll notice the footwear and not the missing toenail.

[Via Uncrate]