Contender Yacht pirate ship

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Pirates are popular these days. Thanks solely to Pirates of the Caribbean, our favourite scurvy rapscallions are endorsing everything from watches to t-shirts and beyond. Despite this, how many pirates would have swung into action wearing a diamante encrusted time-piece while on a daring raid of a rival ship? Not many, I’ll wager.

So it’s nice to to see a product that’s actually befitting of the dreaded pirate insignia. The Contender Yacht (£17.95) is a slick looking vessel decked out in black, with sails made from genuine sail cloth that bear the Jolly Roger. Made by Graham & Green, purveyors of fine home furnishings and traditional kids toys (think hobby horses and go-karts, none of that electronic tosh), the Contender is obviously designed for the younger sea-farer, but don’t let that put you off. Simply keel-haul any mutinous land-lubber that has the audacity to challenge your position as captain . Arrgh, me hearties! Splice the main brace, swab the decks. Etc. Etc.