DIE shadow puppet t-shirt

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Oki-Ni have this exclusive D.I.E. Shadow Puppet tee on their website for a £35. This creepy slim-fit tee features crypt-keeper style hands throwing an evil bunny-shaped shadow. In fact, the tee is so exclusive, that it doesn’t even appear to be available on the Denim Is Everything website.

Also available only on Oki-Ni is the Baseball Furies tee (£35) which again is from DIE. At first glance it looks like just another Americana sport t-shirts, but movie buffs will realise that the design was inspired by the excellent cult-film The Warriors, the Baseball Furies or, simply The Furies, being one of the tougher rival gangs that The Warriors encounter on their trek back to home turf. Warriors, come out to play-ay!