Stashkit folding cycling helmet

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Apart from looking a bit naff (although not on a scale attributed to elbow and knee pads), cycling helmets are rather cumbersome. You can lash your bike up against the railings but what do you do with your bonce protection? Nothing. You’re not wearing one in the first place because you know you’d have to carry the bloody thing around for the rest of the day.

Although the days of suffering a caved-in skull for the sake of convenience look to be numbered. Cyclists: Hail to the Stashkit Multi-sports Helmet (£50).Stash’s design allows the helmet to fold down to half it’s normal size so that it can be squirreled away in a laptop bag, rucksack or glove compartment without taking up masses of room. So now you can take to the road with a protected noggin, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be lumbered with a bulky helmet. Just remember, you’ll still look naff.

[Via Notcot]