Bioshock fan-art t-shirt

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I’m not a big gamer anymore. Back in the days of the SNES and Megadrive consoles, you couldn’t tear me away from the bloody things, but now I’m just a bit "meh" about the whole gaming world. Having said that, there are still certain games that will light my nerdish desires, and Bioshock is definitely one of them. The idea of an FPS set in an art-deco inspired future of genetically engineered freaks is just so… appealing.

It’s the imagery in the game that’s the draw and it appears that others would agree. Transcending the game itself, this tee-shirt design is a product of fan-art that depicts a Big Daddy and a Little Sister, characters in the game that have a twisted but "loving" symbiotic relationship. Originally designed for the Threadless Bioshock competition, it unfortunately didn’t win. However, there is a chance that Threadless will still print this awesome tee. Here’s hopin’.

[Via T-Critic]