Jamie and the Magic Torch inspired trainers from Puma

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"Jamie! Jamie! Jamie and the magic torch,
Down the helter skelter, faster and faster,
towards cuckoo land."

If those lyrics flush you with a sense of nostalgia, then chances are you’re young enough to remember the surreal adventures of Jamie and his clever dog, Wordsworth, who employed the use of a torch to provide a portal between his bedroom and Cuckoo land. Quite.

Apart from the song, which I reckon would make a great punk-cover, the cartoon wasn’t really that great. Who needed Jamie and Wordsworth when you had Mr Ben? And The Herbs too. So it comes as some surprise that Puma would decide to release a series of trainers based on the kids series. I can only imagine that they’re designed for the British market? Still, they’re pretty sweet sneakers, especially the green/orange colourway.

These star-spangled sneaks drop at the end of this month. Check EU kicks for more details.

By admin | August 22nd, 2007