Britz Rosetta speaker system

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Desktop computer sound systems are usually functional beasts, but aren’t particularly good looking. A hulking subwoofer stowed away under the desk and a couple of satellites sitting either side of your monitor, gathering dust and slowly greying in that way only white computer equipment does.

However, that won’t happen with the Rosetta speaker system from Britz, so called because of the subwoofer’s resemblance to the Rosetta Stone. Probably. For a start the speakers come in an obsidian like black gloss which should prevent grubby-finger dirt from taking hold. Otherwise the system, with its sleekly carved lines and red LED illumination, looks so cool that you’ll be wiping it down ever four seconds just so it doesn’t lose it’s sheen.

If you want a functional yet stylish speaker system for your ‘puter, then you should definitely pick one of these up, especially considering it only costs £45.

[Via TechDigest]