Steampunk lightsabre: Bringing Star Wars to the industrial age

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Steampunk, if you don’t already know, is an idea that conceptualises what the world would be like if certain technologies had developed earlier than they really should have. It focuses mainly on bringing 20th Century inventions to Victorian Britain-age industrial techniques, hence the "steam" prefix.

A subgenre of Sci-Fi, Steampunk initially manifested in books and film. But recently we’ve seen the idea jump to the material world with some serious boys toys. Just check out this series of handcrafted Steampunk goods, including a monitor, a set of Ray Guns and even a watch. However, what I think is one of the weirdest blending of ideas, even for a concept that endorses coal-powered rocket-ships, is this Steampunk lightsabre.

I think it’s a truly inspired piece of craftsmanship, even though Darth Vader would have balked at using such a contraption. And despite finding it massively appealing, it’s a one of a kind, so I doubt very much that I’ll be getting my hands on one.