JBS men’s underwear, as modelled by women

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The majority of men’s underwear promotions feature well toned, well-endowed men strutting their stuff, or simply a close up of the offending pants along with the "bulge". Men are intimidated by these images because 1) most of us are either buttery blubber-boys or eight-stone weaklings and 2) our bulges are more like mild swellings.

Enter JBS, a Danish menswear company specialising in pants and boxer shorts that does away with the chiselled abs and stuffed-pocket style adverts and instead gives us what we want – scantily-clad women. Their latest campaign features a series of females in various states of undress, wearing or holding JBS underwear, promoting the idea that "women like these pants and if I wear a pair, they’ll like me too".

However, what I do find disconcerting is that some of the women appear to be smelling them. No sane women would ever pick up a pair of men’s pants and have a good sniff…

[Via Nuacco]