Material Boy’s fun, funky and downright silly designs

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Michael Eaton, AKA Material Boy, started his fashion career as a surfer who took all the clothes that surf companies sent him as part of sponsorship deals and customised them into dark, goth-like amalgamations. Since then, Material Boy has been through several reinventions, the latest of which seems to have picked up on the tail-end of the nu-rave scene. The resulting creations are sometimes ridiculous to say the least, and although they’re fun to look at, the campaign screams "pretension". Psychedelic body stockings (middle picture) just don’t work, unless you’re the lead singer from CSS.

But despite this, there are some absolute gems in the collection, such as the t-shirt and zig-zag cardigan combo, shown on the left. And again, it’s the more subdued garments in Eaton’s range that are the strongest, as displayed in the black and white ensemble in the right-hand picture.

Material Boy clothing is based in Australia, but a selection of the range can be found in the UK at Kokon To Zai, London.

[Via Hintmag]