Podbrix Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak lego set

Woznjobs Podbrix’s latest Apple inspired Lego set features the young Steves circa 1977, the year that their Apple 1 "home brewed" computer was discontinued and Apple II, took to the throne. Who knew that Jobs and his Chewbacca-like sidekick would go on to even greater things, eh?

A follow up to their 1984 Superbowl Apple Advert set, Podbrix’s Young Woz and Jobs (£20) is a limited edition diorama that numbers just 300 individual handcrafted and numbered sets that feature the eponymous nerds, an Apple Mark 2 and a glimpse of things that have not yet come to pass, all in wondrous Lego form.

Considering that the 1984 edition sold in a matter of hours, you’ll need your finger on the trigger when these go on sale on the 29th of August.

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adminPodbrix Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak lego set