Roman invasion: The Invicta Mini Sac returns


Back in early 1980s Rome, a new fashion trend exploded that saw the citizens of the ancient city all take to wearing brightly coloured, stripy day-packs, with young and old sporting the Invicta Mini Sac as both a fashion accessory and practical carry all.

And now it’s back, crossing both the continent and the Atlantic, and set to become the latest primary-coloured-craze since Crocs to sweep the globe. Fashionable or not, I love the simple, truly continental style of the Invicta Mini Sac, and it looks like the perfect sort of bag that you could take to the beach. And even if every Tom, Dick and Harry starts posturing about in one, remember what they say about being in Rome…

By admin | August 30th, 2007

adminRoman invasion: The Invicta Mini Sac returns
  • Alex

    … and here is the first online shop, that sells them… he he he, the Zurich based street-files Crew has it first. Check it