Bring out your inner child with Crayon cologne

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Catching a whiff of Crayon, that waxy, subtly spicy odour, never fails to transport me back to infants school circa 1987. Figuratively of course (duh). To me, it smells like evil – I absolutely hated school and any memories I have of it I prefer to keep compressed into my subconscious where they can remain until I have a nervous breakdown.

So I won’t be trying to impress the ladies with this Crayon Cologne (£10). The fragrance was created by Demeter, who have managed to catch the pure essence of Crayon by extracting it from the saliva from Crayon-chewin’ infants. Probably. If you find the idea of a grown man who goes out of his way to smell like children’s writing equipment a bit weird, Demeter do several other funky pongs, including Humidor, whiskey and, for that experimental teenager in you, cannabis.

[Via Gizmodo]