Vain Brad booed at festival

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As well as making him the object of affection for millions of women world wide, it seems as though Brad Pitt’s good looks are also causing him a bit of bother.

Pitt, looking snazzy in an ivory three-piece suit, arrived at the Venice Film Festival to be met by cheering crowds of fans. But despite the warm welcome from the public, the snapping paps begun booing the Ocean’s 13 star after asking him to remove his sunnies – and he refused.

Several photographers stormed off in protest, accusing him of being "vain". Perhaps he is, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I reckon he’s just had a hard night or, more likely, is hiding a shiner he got from Angelina in one of her "rages". Get a cold steak on it Brad, it’ll bring down the swelling.

[Via Metro]