The only jacket you’ll ever need from Commes Des Garcons

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Commes_des_garcons If you only ever buy one more coat in your life, make it this broadcloth Pea-jacket from Commes Des Garcons. In fact you might not have a choice in the matter if you do decide to go ahead with the purchase. It costs almost £700.

But pish to the price, this is simply one of the most exquisite items of clothing I have ever laid by greedy eyes on. At first glance it looks like an ordinary half-length winter coat. But look a bit closer and you’ll notice that the material is subtly quilted which, along with the cut, gives it a distinguished and masculine look.

And even at the price, this jacket is an investment, as it will go with any look, be it a sharp suit or a pair of jeans and an old jumper.