Adidas trainers celebrate St Patrick’s day, and not a green Guinness in sight

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The above kicks are a preview of Adidas’s St Patrick’s Day, part of the Adicolor range. "But where are the four-leaf clovers, the leprechauns and the pints of Guinness?" I hear you cry, "where’s all the green?"

Ah, well, Adidas have been a bit clever with this release and, rather than take the idea of commercialised St Patrick’s day and adapt it to footwear, they’ve gone back to true roots of Ireland’s patron saint.

The white leather symbolises purity and goodness, as endorsed by all Christian saints, but it’s the (faux?) snakeskin that’s pertinent to Paddy boy – he’s the one credited with ridding Ireland of legless reptiles. Smart, eh?

[VIA EuKicks]