Amy Winehouse in Mercury Prize shocker – She actually bothers to turn up

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Amywinehousepa_280x190 Amidst reports that she was on the verge of dying from an overdose (that would’ve certainly shifted a few copies of Back In Black), horse-faced warbler Amy Winehouse actually made it to the Mercury Prize awards, performing her new single, Love Is A Losing Game.

Unfortunately she lost out to pretentious, New Rave tossers The Klaxons, who picked up the award for their album Myths of the near future. Expect them to fade off into obscurity over the course of the next year. Hopefully.

Their win also dashed the hopes of pre-pubescent northerners, Arctic Monkeys, who were looking to pick up their second consecutive Mercury Prize, after their success in last year’s event.

The best thing about The Klaxon’s win is the fact that I don’t have to carry out the forfeit I set for myself had our Brandish poll reflected the actual results from last night. Not that I would have subjected myself to such a trial anyway. Gullible fools.