Apple unveil latest versions of iPod touch and iPod Nano

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So, last night Apple, with Steve Jobs via a sat-link from California, unveiled the new iPod Touch, along with the freshly refitted iPod Nano. Despite being ugly as sin, the new Nano still has a place in the world where small(er) memory is required along with video capability.

But I’ve got a bit of a problem with the iPod touch. Of all the tech blogs and news articles that I’ve had the pleasure of trawling through, the writers are invariably "salivating", "coveting" or "foaming at the mouth" in regards to Apple’s new baby. And rightly so – it looks like a lovely bit of kit.

But one thing that not one commentator has brought up it that essentially it’s the iPhone without a phone. In fact, Apple should just go ahead and release and integrated iPhone/iPod touch. Methinks Apple saved a bomb on research and design costs with their newest music machine…

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