Bison brooch from Orange Button

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I think this Bison brooch is meant for women but it’s way to cool to give to a partner or loved one. I love cutout wood badges, they remind me of US Tv shows where the dad has a ‘den’ and he keeps all his hunting trophies and college flags… Go-oo Tigers!
Wear it with a gruff beard for a outdoors-y look that says ‘no one can get as close to me as my pipe’. It’ll cost you $32 yankee dollars from Orange Button but you’ll have to get the air rifle and paranoid demeanour yourself.

By Isabelle | September 7th, 2007

  • pete gorden

    Did this site become overtly American and totally WANKY in a matter of days…..Please bring us UK fashion and speak English without your meaningless phrases…. PLEASE, I plead you…..