Jaegar Lecoultre watch makes you feel like James Bond

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While it doesn’t have a laser for searing off padlocks or an inbuilt magnet that’ll help you snatch your Walther PPK from those hard to reach places, this James Bond-esque limited edition Jaeger LeCoultre wristwatch will unlock and start the engine on your new Aston Martin DBS 510bhp.

Despite the fact that this is about as far as the technology goes (don’t think that you’ll be controlling the car from the safety of your own living room), just imagine how suave you’ll look slinking toward your DBS, pointing the watch at it and listening as the engine purrs to life.

Yes, just imagine, because unless you’ve got a spare £17,500 lying around in your swiss bank account, you’re just going to have to make do with using the car’s boring old electronic key. But that’s after you’ve mortgaged the house to pay the £150,000 for the DBS in the first place…

[Via Gizmodo]