Geeky tee of the week: 2001 meets the “Red Ring Of Death”

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OMFG this tee is teh total pwnage!!11!!1

You don’t have to a total nerd to realise that this awesome tee is a marriage of two of the most important defining moments in our culture. But for all you n00bs out there, let me explain. "I can’t let you play that Dave" are the words spoken by evil/mad and sentient computer HAL from the sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film we all should have seen.

And as HAL totally pwned the Discovery One crew, it also appears that thousands of Xbox 360s across the world are doing the same. Well, not quite. While many a man considers their console a life support system in one way or another, The Red Ring Of Death, as symbolised on the tee, won’t kill you, but it does mean that your Xbox is completely incapacitated. Frustrating yes, deadly, no.

[Via T-Critic]

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