Male chastity belt is wrong for all the reasons you can think of

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Chastity If I encountered this… this… this instrument without the accompanying explanation, I probably think "cool armour". The fact is, just looking at it gives me the shivers.

This, my esteemed readers, is a chastity belt. A male chastity belt, in that it is a chastity belt accustomed to the male form. An object certifying the virginity of a fair maiden of medieval lore it is not.

On to practicalities, the Latowski CB has an "Organ Chamber" for your frank n’ beans to sit in, allowing you to relieve your bladder. The organ chamber is cleaned by aid of saline and syringes. In addition there’s another hole at the rear… Actually, I can’t go on. Just check out the website for further details while I go and scrub myself with carbolic soap.