Style Icons: Led Zeppelin

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First it was the Spice Girls pouting about and pretending to be friends while announcing their comeback. Next, New Order said that they were reforming for a Tony Wilson tribute concert. Then The Police flexed their creaking tendons in the first gig of their reunion tour. Not forgetting that Take That are a unit again, is this not the best year for musical comebacks?!

Well, it appears that it is. Legendary rockers (what an understatement that is) Led Zeppelin are strutting their way back onto the stage for a one off stadium concert in the UK later this year. Cynics amongst you will want to know how much they’re getting paid but, unlike the Old-Spice Girls, I’m guessing the three remaining Zeps get enough from "Stairway" royalties buy their way into the next life.

Unfortunately, I very much doubt that the original Led Zeppelin wardrobe will be making a come back along with the team – Page, Plant and Jones are all in the tight jeans and suit jacket-combo club now. With that in mind, take a trip In Through The Outdoor, (that’s just after the jump) for a rundown on the band’s fashion history.


Jimmy gets intimate with his axe while dressed as a hard-rock wizard.


Even though John Bonham (far right) looks just like my dad in this picture, check out those awesome kicks that he’s wearing. When are they going to re-release those? And by the way, is that a fireplace in their private jet?


When you think of the Summer of Love and late 60s music isn’t this the image that springs to mind? That tie-dye tee and cow skin jacket are just so rock n’ roll. The mug of tea, not so much.


Rob obviously grabbed a groupie’s top off the floor of his trailer before coming on stage in this pic. Liking the look of that belt buckle though.


Jones looks pretty snazzy in his oriental pattern shirt, Bonham resembles one of the Kings of Leon and Page has a sort of Robert Smith from The Cure thing going on. But why the hell is Plant dressed like his mum? Bit of a Psycho influence perhaps? Answers on a post card please.