London’s Twenty Four Club has cool, interactive interior, but this article is about as interative as you’re going to get

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Now that smoking has been banned in drinking establishments across Britain, people are looking for other ways to fill the time between slurping Mojitos and offsetting long, awkward silences with blind dates. I’d always advocate drinking more, perhaps alternating between two different beverages, but it appears that London’s Twenty Four bar has a slightly more sober solution: Staring at the walls.

The bar’s walls, ceilings and tables are made up of panels with projectors behind them, beaming different colours and images across the interior. It doesn’t sound particularly innovative, does it? But apparently the whole bar is "interactive". Put your glass on a table, and light will dance around its base actually sensing and reacting to your drink and touching the bar will shoot a beam of light upwards, signaling/annoying the barman. You can even select your own images to be displayed on the bar’s surfaces.

Sounds really great until you realise you’ll probably never get to set foot in the establishment. You have to be a member and numbers are extremely limited, which basically means "You’re not rich and/or you’re not a celeb. You’re not getting in". Shame.