MosMea explanation mark bag. Designed for women, should be worn by everyone

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Just so there are no pretenses that could potentially lead to you feeling like an idiot, this is a ladies bag, designed for women, by a woman. Wear this in the right (or wrong, possibly) circles, and someone is sure to point out this indubitable yet, in my view, irrelevant fact.

While not essentially masculine, I think this satchel by MosMea could certainly be worn by a gentleman – I’ve seen more feminine bags aimed at men – and I’d have no trouble slinging one over my shoulder.

Italian designed, which is evident in its sleek simplicity, the bag features an explanation mark that really offsets its look. I think it might be reptile effect leather but, because I can’t read Italian, I can’t be 100% sure. I really shouldn’t be so ignorant, should I.

By admin | September 14th, 2007

  • Jessie

    Lol. Speaking as a woman and from a woman’s standpoint (is it weird that I read this blog along with all the other Shiny ones?), I must say this bag doesn’t look very feminine at all. If I had just seen a picture of it, I would’ve thought it was a manbag.

  • i

    maybe this exclaims 🙂 it:

    “Articolo: Borsa messenger unisex interamente in pelle decorata con iniziale personalizzata in seta rossa, scritta in alfabeto morse (punto-linea)”