Recycled peripherals Oscar and Lilli may save the world, but they won’t save you money

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These two ‘lil critters are just too aesthetically pleasing to ignore… okay, I mean they’re too cute to ignore, but I hate anthropomorphizing inanimate objects. Although, if they were alive, I’d probably raise them as my own.

Lilli and Oscar are peripherals made from 100% recycled materials. Which materials, I’m not sure, but what I can tell you is that they’re manufactured in a sweat-shop free environment in Vietnam by fairly paid and dolphin friendly workers. One of them kicked a dog once, but it was an accident, apparently.

Lilli is the Octopus like 1.3MP camera, and Oscar is a USB hub, despite looking like a big, red, neutered Mario star. Despite (or in spite of, more like) their green credentials, the equipment is relatively expensive – Lilli is a whopping £30, while Oscar will cost you around £20. Eco-friendly, yes. Wallet friendly, no.

[Via Gizmodo]