Beckham in the buff once again, selling the Motorola Razr 2

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What’s the deal with Beckham getting his kit off for every advert he does? I can understand him donning his birthday suit to avoid splodging Gillette shaving gel all over his L.A. Galaxy jersey, and you can’t promote undies without first whipping your trousers off. But does he really need to get nekkid to sell mobile phones?

I’m sure there is a demographic of those who make calls in the buff (weirdos), but it’s not par for the course is it? Motorola, however, seem to think it is, with their new campaign featuring Becks pushing the Razr 2, sans clothes.

Then again, I also need to address my blatant hypocrisy. Motorola are in the same camp as Samsung and LG, using mobile-brandishing, bikini-clad ladies to promote their product at trade shows and such. It’s not like I have anything to say about that. No, I’m usually too busy staring…