Fang cufflinks from Stephen Einhorn have definite bite

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I’m not really a cufflinks man – they’re usually too fiddly and no one gets to see them if you’re wearing a suit. I also dislike the way they knock against desk tops when you sit at them and put your hands down, but that’s just my own personal neurosis.

However, I may need to readdress my cufflink phobia after catching sight of these awesome Fang Cufflinks from British jewelry designer Stephen Einhorn. Although they’re a little bit gothy, I love the design, and they look as though they’d be a cinch to loop through your cuffs, lacking that annoying little swivel-bit that most cufflinks have. If the Devil wears cufflinks, these are the ones that he’d go for.

They’re quite pricey at £138, but are made from sterling silver, and come in a rather nifty gift wrap made from plaster that needs to be smashed to get at the goods, which I think is a neat little touch.