London Fashion Week: Unconditional S/S 08

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The Unconditional show was on the face of it a pretty edgy affair with bubble wrap hats and models toting cabbages and pitchforks but scratch beneath the cabbage-y surface and they had a lot more to offer. The show started with a palette of greys and browns, progressing to bright greens, blues and pinks and finally onto white. The all-pink outfit is one of my faves, pink is definitely an underrated colour for men. See after the jump for more images.


I particularly liked a pair of grey pleated trousers (left) teamed with a hi-tec hoodie. The use of colour gave the collection a Miami vibe, and slouchy cuts reinforced the easy breezy feel. The all-brown outfit in the middle showed a great way to wear the colour in the summer.


By Isabelle | September 17th, 2007

  • Jessie

    I have always said that it takes a real man to wear pink.

  • I still think you need to have a certain look to wear pink. If I wore a pink cardigan or shirt, I’d just look like a London wide boy! That said, pink definitely shouldn’t be reserved for ladies only.

  • Jessie

    But major kudos for not completely writing pink off as just for women!

  • annemarie

    -I have always said that it takes a real man to wear pink.-

    I think that’s complete bullshit, you can get away with anything when you feel comfortable and confident in it and project it.

    If George Bush wasn’t the president of the US but let’s say a photographer like La Chapelle people wouldn’t even notice him for wearing a pink suit, wouldn’t even comment on it even if it would look hysterical ridiculous in their(the viewers) eyes.

    What I’m trying to say is that comments such as the one made by ‘ Jessie’ here above, are narrow minded.

    Open your fuckin eyes, and figure out who the hell you are and maybe one day you’ll be able to wear it off!