SEBEI’s Zombie Killer t-shirt is in the height of bad taste, still looks great

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Unlike the pirate and ninja internet memes which are fast becoming lame with overuse, zombies are still as cool as ever, and will remain so due to their cultural imprint, left by such ace films as Dawn of The Dead, Braindead and Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town. I’d also go on to comment that zombies will always be pertinent to our culture because they provide a social critique on today’s consumerist and material driven society, but I didn’t have time to read the essay I’d ripped off the interweb.

Anyway, I literally died (then subsequently reanimated) when I saw this "made to order" zombie killer tee (from £12) from SEIBEI. Distressed in a style that makes it look as though you’ve just survived an orgy of undead splattering violence, the tee features blood stains and hand prints as well as a printed slogan of your choice. You choose the level of gore yourself, ranging from a little, to (my preferred choice) lots.

That you choose the details means that the tee has to be gored-up by hand and therefore is completely unique. You too can be original while showing your support for the culling of the undead! Just make sure Mr Police Officer knows it’s not real blood when he pulls you over…