Style Icon: Johnny Depp

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When it comes to describing the way he dresses, Depp is pretty hard to define. But then, like the range of characters he plays, its his diversity that gives him his unique fashion sense. Depp really is a pirate, gangster, coke dealer and country boy all rolled into one.

And despite a couple of serious fashion crimes, Johnny manages to pull off some quite complicated and contrasting ensembles without looking too prissy. It’s because of this seemingly effortless approach to his dress sense that gives him appeal across the genders – he’s the pretty boy that shows men it’s okay to dress how you want.

It’s also a relief to see an actor who doesn’t adhere to trends. Occasionally opting for a "classic" look, such as a sharp suit cut from a particular era, Depp tends to wear vintage, giving him a truly timeless look. Real vintage clothing is a real draw – because vintage items are not necessarily part of the latest trend, they can’t technically go "out of" fashion.