Triops camera takes snaps by being bashed against wall and doesn’t break. Allegedly.

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I love the concept of this tri-lensed camera, but I love the design even more. The camera is activated by movement and sound and these features, along with the three fish-eye lenses, would indicate that it’s not made for the professional snapper.

The German designer of the Triops, Franziska Faoro, is also adamant that you can set off all three lens simultaneously by flinging the thing against the wall, giving you some crazy, 360 degree snaps. Once you’ve had your fun chucking it about, the camera can wirelessly transmit your shenanigans (or artistic expressions, if you like) to its docking stations, just ripe for uploading to Myspace.

The camera only exists as a design concept at the moment, so price it TBA. I’m guessing the warranty will come with a disclaimer though:

"Impacting this equipment against wall, floor or other hard surface will invalidate the warranty".

[Via Gizmodo]