Chronicles Of Never: Gareth Moody’s fascinating and fantastical clothing line

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Gareth Moody is an Australian designer of unisex fashion, who established the Chronicles of Never line back in 2006. It’s a label that is "loosely based upon space in space, heavily influenced by architecture and geometrics, big manga dreams and a love for industrial materials", according to Moody’s own words.

While I can certainly see what Moody is referring to in certain elements of his work, its the industrial influences that are most appreciated. Each item, particularly the jewelry, has a worked look to it, as if the materials were literally taken from an ironworks or mining facility.

But conversely, there are organic attributes to some of his pieces, especially with some of the layered ensembles that are reminiscent of something fantastical – which is especially befitting when considering the range’s name. Some of the outfits really look like they could be worn by Peter Pan’s Lost Boys.

However, that’s not to say that Moody’s collection is outmoded. He certainly grasps modernity, with some stylish prints, sharply cut waistcoats and clean-lined tops. Above is a selection of what I think are his strongest works, but check out the rest of his collection on Moody’s website.