Hector Serrano’s Superpattata light is super at almost everything

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Hector Serrano is a Spanish conceptual designer based in London, who has recently come to light for his series of innovative, practical but aesthetically pleasing homeware. Hector manages to create gorgeous looking household goods that economise on space but maximise function, usually by combining the elements of two items into one object.

Take the Bin Step, which, as the name suggests, is both a trash can and pair of steps for reaching that last tin of Spaggetios at the back of the cupboard. I smacked myself in the head when I saw them – The design is so obvious that I, in my infinite genius, should have come up with it.

My favourite piece from Hector is the Superpattata (pictured) and it’s not just because of the name. These light-emitting forms act as nightlights, pillows and bed warmers and are designed to be stacked upon each other to create a tower of lights. I think they’re just perfect for chucking around the living room and creating a warming ambiance. Check out Hector’s website for the full story on his goods.