Internation Translation t-shirt from Threadless helps you get places in a foreign country, doesn’t stop you looking like a tourist

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I knew that learning French in high school was completely futile. After all those years of lessons and thousands of pounds of tax payers money, the one marginally useful thing I can say in our Gallic cousins’ tongue is to ask for a pancake with jam. Yes, useful in certain situations, but it’s hardly going to enamour me to the Gendarme who I’ve just held up to ask for directions.

But now, with the advent of the International Translation Tee (£8) from Threadless, I can forgo shouting "Oooo… ay… la… telephone… mon-sewer" to every native I meet, and just point to my left nipple. Genius.

Yeah, well, not quite. You still need to understand their reply, so the tee’s not that useful. But it’s still a cracking design at a bargain price.

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