Opus Duae by KinkyForm and Electric Heat: The most gorgeous watch ever?

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Going from what some might consider the ugliest watch of all time, to one with indisputable handsome looks. The Opus Duae is a timepiece born of German engineering (so you know it’ll tell the time, on time) and it just oozes style.

The watch itself is uncomplicated, with no flashy extras, chronographic dials or swivelling bezels, its elegance is all in the simplicity of its build. But I also love the intricate details of the watch face, etched with a layered, abstract design that doesn’t detract from the watch itself. Even the back of the watch looks smart, with a glass covered "port hole" for viewing the workings of the precision mechanics.y

The £800 price tag might seem a bit steep, but considering that the run is only limited to 25 watches, its a small price to pay to have something as refined as this on your wrist. Let me know your thoughts.