Talk Like A Pirate Day: Insert pirate related word/pun/phrase here

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Avast me hearties! Yarrr! Splice the mainbrace! Shiver me timbercles! Dead man’s chest, etc. etc.

Right, now that’s out of the way, I can tell you all about Talk Like A Pirate Day in the Queen’s own English. Or my loose grasp of it. Either way, it’s easier to understand without a load of "avasts" and "yarrs" peppered between words. And a lot quicker to write.

Talk Like A Pirate Day is pretty self explanatory. Every September the 19th, landlubbers (watch it!) around the globe rejoice by talking like an 18th century marauder of the high seas.  Many take it further, with the TLAPD founders encouraging all those scurvy sea-dogs to actually dress like Cap’n Jack Sparrow, or host pirate parties and fundraisers. The UK HQ of TLAPD, Yarr, have actually released a single to raise cash for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Other than that, there’s not much else to it. Even the original TLAPD "organisers" admit that it’s really silliness for the sake of it. But what’s wrong with a bit of silliness when you get to use pirate-themed chat up lines on the ladies for at least one day of the year? Although they missed a trick by omitting "How d’ye fancy a jolly-rogering, me hearty?"