IMobile Flying C1000 mobile watch doesn’t need pilot’s license

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While not a patch on the much coveted (by me mostly) Cect W100, the IMobile Flying C1000 watch has some nifty features including Bluetooth, GSM phone, 60MB of memory and, that marvel of marvels, a touch screen.

The thing is ugly as sin, but my favourite feature is the symbol recognition software which is pretty handy in the absence of a keyboard. Despite the name, however, the thing doesn’t fly. A call from the Trading Standards officers beckons.

There’s seems to be a glut of these Dick Tracy style wrist mounted mobiles, squeezing a million features into a (not so) little package. But is there a true need for the multi-faceted devices, or are they simply a gimmick? I think they’re completely unecessary, but it doesn’t stop me pining for a watch that I can have a conversation with.

[Via Gizmodo]