Star Wars “Death Star” home theatre is the Dark Side of all home entertainment systems

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Excuse me while I melt into a salviating pool of geekiness – this is what I’m going to spend my inheritence money on. When I get it of course which, if I get my way, will be very shortly…

The Death Star Home Entertainment System is a home theatre designed to resemble the bridge of the Empire’s most powerful weapon. The plans were drawn up by none other than Doug Chiang, who was lead designer on the abysmal (but purdy looking) Episodes I and II. Presumably he jumped ship before the cringe-a-minute Revenge Of The Sith was made.

The set-up features a DVD cabinet cleverly concealed behind a life-size Han-Solo-frozen-in-carbonite, fibre optic-lit star field, 10 leather easy-chairs and a THX-certified Meridian and Runco based audio-visual system that boasts a projector, a multitude of speakers and, er, laser disc player. I’m not sure if Boba Fett and C-3PO are on hand to serve refreshments, but they certainly add to the charm.

No details on the price, but considering how the full equipment list reads, I might need to take out a few more life insurance policies on mater and pater.

[Electronic House Via Gizmodo]