Top Five boots in preparation for the coming British winter

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Like every man needs at least one good pair of shoes in their wardrobe (that doesn’t include those Clarke’s brogues you wore to your sister’s wedding), so do we need a spiffing pair of boots, particularly when the weather turns a bit fresher and wetter. Even the slickest, tailor made Pierre Cardins just don’t cut it during the British winter.

Boots from designer brands such as Diesel seem to be taking their influence from biker culture this season, with lots of buckles, thick treads and distressed leather making up some mean looking footwear. Don’t fear though, the highstreet is following suit, so a decent pair of boots shouldn’t cost you the Earth, as you’ll see by reading after the jump.


Biker meets cowboy with these stirruped boots from Topman. The inside zip means they’re easy to get on and off but don’t look a wussy with the manly outside buckle. Two boots for £55.


A cool looking boot from ASOS by Hudson (£100). Worn-in for extra comfort, these boots could be teamed with jeans or a grey/charcoal pant.


Truly a tough looking pair of old boots from Paul Smith. A collaboration in league with British motorcycle makers Triumph, I love the weathered appearance of these bikers boots. Not too keen on the "World’s fastest motorcycle" detail or the £300 price tag though.


Inspired by army footwear from the First World War, these G-Star boots (£120) still manage to look ahead of their time. Great for a march around the urban battleground.


It may look a bit flimsier and less rugged than the other boots that I’ve featured, but I’ve had a similar pair of Campers for years, and they’re still going strong. I’m sure this Pue Ideal boot (£99) is no different.