A.P.C. outfit looks great, is ideal for delivering chocolates in spy-like fashion

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Other than its clothes, the one reason why I adore A.P.C. is because it makes shopping so easy. Honestly, I love clothes but I hate shopping, be it physically or via the net. With A.P.C., you find the look you like, click on it, and all the garments are presented to you like some kind of divine offering. Only, you still have to pay for them…

This moody outfit from the European brand is part of the autumn/winter range that has just recently been released. Turtle-neck sweaters (£80 shown) are a hard look to pull off – you either end up looking like the Milk Tray man or a folk singer/your dad, circa 1970. But teaming it up with the "Sergeant Pepper" (£200) jacket allows for a modern, yet timeless, look.

Just be sure not to wear a beret or any form of goat-like facial-wear with this outfit.