Armai’s Attitude fragrance maintains balance of making you smell like a real man without stinging people’s eyes

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If it hadn’t been for the Zippo lighter-styled bottle itself, I would have never bothered to pick up the new Armani Attitude eu de toilette (£24.99/30mls) and have a whiff. I’ve never been a fan of Armani scents – they’ve always smelled like something my dad would splash on before a night out. Whisky, fags and cheap cologne is never an appealing pong.

Armani’s new fragrance is an understated gem, however. An initial spike of spice gives way to a subtle, smokiness of wood and herbs, with a touch of citrus zest that lingers afterward. It’s quite masculine without being overbearing, and is a refreshing change from men’s fragrances that are either too potent or smell like something my sister could wear too.