Protect your looks from the cold with Brandish’s winter grooming guide

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Last night was the first time in over six months that the household flicked that magic switch and turned the heating on. With the idea of climate change constantly niggling at my conscience, I’d rather have put a jumper on, but I was outvoted by the three girls I live with who consider anything below 20 degrees as "freezing".

But I do have to face the facts, winter is coming, eventually. Aside from rain, biting winds, slipping on ice and the general depression that the season causes, I don’t mind winter too much. But it does play havoc with your skin and exterior wellbeing in general – a combination of both the cold outside, and sudden changes in temperature when you step into a roasting house.

But you can fight back and retain that healthy glow you exhibited throughout summer. Keep reading after the jump for a winter grooming survival kit that’ll keep you looking cool (not cold).


A moisturiser is the basis of any grooming regime. Constantly transitioning from hot to cold will cause parched skin and, conversely, can also cause greasiness as your skin tries to compensate for its dryness. A good moisturiser, like Korres Mandarin (£15), can help solve both issues.


Basically moisturiser for the lips. The lips are extremely delicate and will be one of the areas most sensitive to the winter, becoming dried out and easily chapped. No one wants to kiss scabby smackers, so get your hands on this REN honey and acacia lip balm (£6.50), which comes highly recommended and tastes great too.

Sometimes gloves just aren’t enough to keep the effects of the cold off of your meat hooks. All you manual workers out there might want to go for something a bit more robust and cheaper, such as Nivea Hand Creme (£2.79) simply because you’ll need more, but for all you prissy desk monkeys, like moi, L’Occitanes Shea Butter Handcream (£15) is perfect for keeping those delicate digits soft and supple.


The winter season isn’t just bad news for your skin – your hair will suffer too. Central heating dries the air out in your house, causing hair to become dry and itself, resulting in frizzy, unmanageable locks. Phyto’s PhytoDefisant Baume (£13), used as a leave in conditioner, will calm that frizz and allow you to style more easily.


Skin affected by the cold may be too delicate and raw to continue with your normal washing regime. Though you should be washing your face twice a day, substitute one wash with a steam-bath. Fill a bowl with boiling water and add a couple drops of ABC pure tea tree oil (£8.50) which acts as both a healer and anti-bacterial. Steam your face for five minutes, then rinse with warm water. Make sure to moisturise afterwards and steaming is not recommended for people with acne, rosacea or other sensitive skin conditions.